Biometric features can now be recorded up to 2 month after submission of your Danish visa extension and PR application

Deadline for recording biometrics is extended Phone: biometricupdate

After the current corona luck down citizen centres of both the Danish Immigration Service and SIRI are closed. Therefore, SIRI and Danish Immigration Services around the world have extended the deadline for recording biometrics features up to 2 months which in normal circumstances is 14 days.

Your submitted application will still be processed but decision will only be taken when biometrics features are recorded.

Read more: Deadline for recording of biometric features extended up to 2 months

The SIRI website still states that it will be closed until and including the 13 April 2020 but it might have updates for which you need to keep an eye on the SIRI website.

For more details please follow and the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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