Education Minister: Send children school or be responsible for your children education!

The School and Parents Organisation encourages nervous parents to wait for a message
from their local school about the reopening plans. (Photo: Niels Christian Vilmann © Scanpix)

Denmark Education Minister Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil has a clear message for parents, you are registered as absent from school if you do not show up. If you keep your child at home, the full education obligation applies. Then, as a parent, you have to take care of the full education yourself.

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This comes after there have been a divided opinion regarding the opening of Denmark by the youngest kids. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on Monday 6th April that kids of day care and 0-5 school graders will open Denmark from 15th April. The nervous parents stormed to social media and lined up in various social media groups to call upon Prime Minister to take the call back.

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In PM dependence, Education Minister clearly send a message that parents must send children school or be responsible for their full education. Talking to DR she said I can easily understand the anxiety among parents. The Danes have been good at worrying and thinking. This is exactly why we have succeeded in keeping the infection pressure down. She assured that one will solve the challenges by dividing children into smaller groups.

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On the other side Rasmus Edelberg, The country chairperson for School and Parents organisation has called up parents to wait for further details and guidelines from their local school before they become nervous or decide to keep the children at home. Once the guidelines are up then municipalities and schools can jointly discuss if they can live up to the guidelines. Then the local schools will inform under which framework can the local school reopen.

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“When that happens, we encourage parents to trust that it happens within an healthy environment,” says Rasmus Edelberg

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