Schools need more resources to handle reopening of Denmark amid COVID-19

Teachers at day care and schools while keeping a distance. Image: Rasmus Sand Høyer

In a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that Denmark will open gradually after Easter. Kids will be first to open Denmark as all the day care institutions, kindergartens and 0 to 5 graders will start going from April 15 while other school graders will remain home. Higher education institutions, churches, museums, cinema houses, shopping and fitness centres etc will remain closed.

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There are various opinions regarding the announcement. Experts say that the youngest children are at a negligible risk of becoming critically ill, and their parents are so young that they generally do not belong to high-risk age groups, professor calls the government’s plan to open day-care centres and partial schools a points that “makes sense.” On the other side there are Danes who think it will be risky to let kids go to schools as they might get infected and later infect their parents. There are now various groups on social media calling that my child should not be a test rabbit for COVID-19.

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The announcement also compel teachers to make sure that children keep the distance. They are also told to clean toys twice a day. Some urge that day care centres and schools do have the capability to handle children amid the COVID-19 continuous outbreak. Pernille Skipper, spokesperson of Enhedslisten party has posted that I understand that no extra money has been set off immediately for more extra temps, more helpers, more cleaning staff, etc., when schools and day care institutions are going to open in a week. That’s not fair! She has called for pay raise, more staff and better conditions for schools and day care institutions.

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