SIRI prolonged the closure of offices while deadline for recording biometrics remain the same; making it hard for Immigrants

Biometrics deadline remain the same while SIRI offices are closed until 10th of May. Photo: freeeducator

After the Prime Minister press conference on Monday 6th April, it was announced that Denmark will gradually be re-opened. In the first phrase, day care and schools kids under grade 5 will re-open Denmark. The rest of Denmark will continue to be closed until 10th of May.

SIRI has updated their website on 8th of April and issued a statement that it will remain closed until and including 10th of May, 2020. SIRI offices in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg and Aabenraa has been closed from 12th March (day included) which will make closure for 2 months on 10th of May.

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On 2nd of April, SIRI announced that biometrics features can be recorded up to 2 months which in normal circumstances is 14 days. After the new closure dates, the 2 months extension will still not work. Many immigrants will still be unable to record their biometrics features within 2 months. There are many immigrants who have applied for visa extension before 10th of March which will make them unable to record biometrics features within 2 months as SIRI will remain close until 10th of May.

Read more: Biometric features can now be recorded up to 2 month after submission of your Danish visa extension and PR application

SIRI needs to extend the deadline further so everyone will be able to record their biometrics features.

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