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In the midst of current global corona pandemic, we as a human family are bound to extend a supporting hand to each other.

Danish Govt demand immigrants to show annual income or be ready for deportation despite corona lockdown

Photo: Signe Kibuuka, Katia Larsen, Naqeeb Khan and Kingsley Ezeoma at Danish Parliament with MP Rosa Lund

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Recognizing the evil! The Afghan Dilemma

August 15, 2021, is one of those days which reveals the intentions of the US and West for the world. The fall of Kabul was inevitable as the US and Western forces have never intended to empower the people of Afghanistan, flourishing democracy, or depend on women’s rights rather the then mighty and irate US…

The adjusted Danish Citizenship rules! Bigotry continues and so do our struggle!

On 20th April, 2021, Social Democrats along with Venstre, Liberal Alliance and Conservative signed an agreement regarding obtaining Danish citizenship via naturalisation. The agreement entailed number of unfair, discriminatory and racist rules. Danish Green Card Association and Green Human Recourses have from day one criticised these rules and called upon all the parties and MPs…

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