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In the midst of current global corona pandemic, we as a human family are bound to extend a supporting hand to each other.

Danish Govt demand immigrants to show annual income or be ready for deportation despite corona lockdown

Photo: Signe Kibuuka, Katia Larsen, Naqeeb Khan and Kingsley Ezeoma at Danish Parliament with MP Rosa Lund

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An open letter to Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye; It will be a dictatorial directive to implement new citizenship laws on those who have already applied a year ago

Dear Mattias Tesfaye, Every human being has the right to a fair and free chance to survive and grow. These rights are not only guaranteed in the Danish constitution but recognised by UN Human Rights Conventions and EU directives. Over the last few years various Danish governments has been breaching the equal opportunity rights of…

Denmark new tighten citizenship requirements are discriminatory and racist

After four long years of Venstre and far right parties government (2015-2019), Danes thought it would be a breathe of fresh air after the Danish Social Democrats took over the office in 2019 but it gets even worse. From introducing new tough immigrations laws to striping Syrian refugees residency permits and now these new strict…

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