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In the midst of current global corona pandemic, we as a human family are bound to extend a supporting hand to each other.

Danish Govt demand immigrants to show annual income or be ready for deportation despite corona lockdown

Photo: Signe Kibuuka, Katia Larsen, Naqeeb Khan and Kingsley Ezeoma at Danish Parliament with MP Rosa Lund

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The adjusted Danish Citizenship rules! Bigotry continues and so do our struggle!

On 20th April, 2021, Social Democrats along with Venstre, Liberal Alliance and Conservative signed an agreement regarding obtaining Danish citizenship via naturalisation. The agreement entailed number of unfair, discriminatory and racist rules. Danish Green Card Association and Green Human Recourses have from day one criticised these rules and called upon all the parties and MPs…

Nawaz Lost job due to corona last year! Now he will get a 3rd rejection letter from Danish immigration due to new work requirement for citizenship applied retroactively

Denmark has now for years been one of the most strict countries for highly skilled professionals and immigrants due to its ever changing and tough immigration policies. According to a 2017 Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science assessment, 80 percent of foreign graduates from Danish universities leave Denmark within two years of their graduation.…

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